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Is your course visible?

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Is your course visible?
by Bobby White - Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 12:57 PM

Welcome to Spring 2017! 

Faculty: You must make your course visible to your students. This help doc will show you how to "show" (unhide) your course, as well as where to go to change the start date if your course dates are incorrect. You can find more help docs on getting your course started here. We also offer various workshops to help faculty use different teaching and learning tools, like Moodle, and you can view those on this calendar: You can add this calendar to your Google account. 

Students: If you do not see your current course in Moodle, your instructor may not have made your course visible to students yet or may not be using Moodle this semester. If you confirm that the site is visible to other students in your class, please contact the HelpDesk. Otherwise, find out from your instructor whether or not they are using Moodle.