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Uploading Videos for Faculty

by Bobby White -

UPLOADING VIDEOS: Now that we have released Panopto and made it available through Moodle, be sure to upload all videos to Panopto. We are lowering the maximum file size that can be uploaded to Moodle directly to 500MB 250MB in an effort to prevent performance issues in Moodle. If you have a video file, use Panopto to take advantage of its excellent features like automatic captions, commenting, and advanced video player. If you are using VoiceThread for the purposes of interaction and embedding these in Moodle, that is great, too! 

Note: If you are using Panopto in your Moodle course, you MUST add the Panopto block to your course.

Find help documentation on the Portal. Watch this video to share a video in more than one course! 

NEW! Scheduler plugin added to Moodle!

by Bobby White -

NEW! We have installed a Moodle plugin called Scheduler! Scheduler logo

The Scheduler is available through the “Add an activity or resource” link and helps you to schedule one-on-one appointments with all your students. You specify the periods during which you are available to see the students and the length of each appointment. The students then book themselves into one of the available timeslots. Scheduler also lets you record the attendance and grade the appointment. This plugin is new to us so we are still learning about all of the options, but we wanted to make it available ASAP. If you have questions, contact the Help Desk or check out the official Moodle help documentation.

A New Moodle!

by Bobby White -

Welcome to the upgraded Moodle 3.8! We hope you will find that overall navigational and visual improvements, as well as a few new features, will improve your teaching and learning experience in Moodle. You can read about some of the updates below:

Looking for your previous courses? Check out the Moodle Archive. You can request that course content be imported into a new course site from the Help Desk