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Faculty: Wrapping up your Spring semester in Moodle

by Nancy Chan -

With the end of the Spring term only a few weeks away, it’s a good time to ensure that your gradebook in Moodle is set up the way you need it, that your students can see how they are doing in the class, and that you are prepared to move your course from “In Progress” to “Past.” We have provided the following checklist for you. 


 All gradebook items are inside categories.
Items floating outside your categories may be calculated incorrectly. See Gradebook Setup for Faculty for more. 

 If counted towards the final grades, gradebook items are weighted other than “0."
See Assign Weights to Grade Categories and Grade items for more. 

 If not counted towards the final grades, gradebook items have a weight of "0."
See Assign Weights to Grade Categories and Grade items for more. 

 Entered "0"s for all work that has not been submitted by students.
Blank or empty grades are not counted against a student's grade until a zero is inputted. See Editing Grades for Faculty for more. 

 Unhidden your gradebook so that students can access their grades and check their progress.
See Hiding / Unhiding Gradebook for more. 

If you need help with Gradebook setup, feel free to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Ming.

Note: Moodle is not CCA's academic system of record, so all official grade submissions should be made through Workday. See Submit Grades Step by Step Guide for details.

Course End Dates

 The course end date and time is correct.
This will move your course from the “In-Progress” status to “Past” making it easy to keep courses organized on the Moodle dashboard. Incorrect dates could lead to confusion and disruptions to your class. See Editing Your Course Date for more.


Contact the Instructional Services and Technology team at or chat with us through the “Questions? Ask Us!” tab at the bottom of Moodle during regular business hours.

Faculty: Spring 2022 Teaching & Learning Technologies Workshops

by Nancy Chan -

Starting January 10th, we are holding two weeks of workshops, building parties, and open tech hours. All workshops are listed on the Workshops, Trainings, and Conversations Portal page with descriptions. Check the Teaching Lab Calendar to see if/when a particular workshop is being offered. Click on the “Register here!” link to let us know you are coming. In order to access the Teaching Lab Calendar, you must be logged in only with your CCA account. If you are also logged into a personal Gmail account in your browser, you may receive an error. 

Students: Complete Workday Inbox items now - help us support you in an emergency

by Nancy Chan -


When students experience a crisis during their time at CCA, staff are here to offer support. Please help us help you by reviewing your information and confirming your personal and emergency contact information is up-to-date.

Since some students' information changes during their time at CCA, we are asking all students to confirm their information is accurate each semester.

Continuing students (those who started at CCA before fall 2021):

  • Please check your Workday Inbox for the following tasks:
    • Update My Primary Home Address
    • Update My Personal Information
    • Update My Emergency Contacts
  • Submit each task using the buttons within your Workday inbox tasks.
  • Troubleshooting tips: 
    • For "Update My Emergency Contacts", add "Emergency Contact" to the "Relationship Type" field -- this will resolve a common error message.
    • Check out "Help Us Support You in an Emergency", including the brief step-by-step video, for details about how to resolve errors & submit the tasks!

New Students for Fall 2021:

Thank you for keeping your information updated, so we can support you if an emergency arises.

Questions? Please contact

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