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Chrome update breaks embedded Panopto content

by Bobby Deetz -

Chrome 90, which was released Wednesday, blocks third-party cookies by default and this breaks Panopto embedded content. To enable third-party cookies for Panopto in Chrome: 

  1. Click the lock icon next to the website's URL from within a Moodle page with a broken Panopto video.
  2. Select the Cookies section
  3. Go to the Blocked tab
  4. Select the domain and Allow its cookies
  5. Chrome will prompt you to reload the page, videos should work afterwards
To be sure third party cookies are enabled in Safari or Mozilla, see the Why do I have problems playing embedded Panopto videos? FAQ on Portal or visit Panopto's help documentation

Wrapping up your semester in Moodle

by Bobby Deetz -

With the end of the Spring term only a few weeks away, it’s a good time to ensure that your gradebook in Moodle is set up the way you need it, that your students can see how they are doing in the class, and that you are prepared to move your course from “In Progress” to “Past.” We have provided a checklist for you:

  1. Are all of your gradebook items inside a category? Items floating outside your categories may be calculated incorrectly. See Gradebook Setup for Faculty for more

  2. Are all of your gradebook items set to a weight other than zero if you want them to be included in the grade calculations? See Gradebook Setup for Faculty for more

  3. Have you changed the weight to zero for those items you do not want included in the grade calculations? See Gradebook Setup for Faculty for more

  4. Have you entered zeros for all work that has not been submitted by students? (blank/empty grades are not counted against their grades until a zero is inputted) See Editing Grades for Faculty for more

  5. Have you unhidden your gradebook so that students can access their grades and check their progress? See Hiding / Unhiding Gradebook - Faculty for more

  6. Is there an end date for your course and is it correct? This will move your course from the “In-Progress” status to “Past” making it easy to keep courses organized on people’s dashboards. To check/edit this date navigate to Edit Settings and find the “Course end date.” Make any necessary changes and be sure to scroll down and click save. 

Note: Moodle is not CCA's academic system of record, so all official grade submissions should be made through Workday. See Submit Grades Step by Step Guide for details.

A message about fall course scheduling

by Bobby Deetz -

CCA is planning for an in-person fall semester with first- and second-year undergraduate students expected to live on campus, and many classes scheduled on campus. There will continue to be classes offered completely online.

Students who have concerns about not being able to return to CCA in the fall should carefully review their fall course schedule options to see if there are online classes they can take and still follow their academic plan to meet their degree requirements.

For some students, a full load of online courses may be possible, but for many, an online fall 2021 may require significant changes to academic plans and graduation timelines.  

Students who require only online courses in order to continue at CCA can explore options with their program chair/associate chair/assistant chair and academic advisor/graduate program manager.

For more information, see the Portal pages on Fall 2021 Policy Changes and Updates and Versions of Hybrid Courses (fall 2021 vs summer 2021 vs spring 2021) in Online Learning: A Student's Guide.

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